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Elevate your entertainment

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Turn-Key Custom Home Theaters

From the initial conceptualization of your space to the rolling credits, our process is both enjoyable and comprehensive. Your new home theater will bring your family and friends together to relax and make memories. From the first day, you can watch the newest movies and host your very own premiere!
We’re ready to reimagine your space. Get started with our Free Layout Service! Use the button below to tell us your room size and ceiling height and send us a few photos of the space. We’ll send you back the potential layout of your custom home theater! Or you can always call and speak to one of our team members at 631-563-8000.

Home Theater Speakers


Distinguished on their own, Immersive when together.


Projector / Video Wall

These are chosen based upon throw-distance, lumens, processing power, and lensing. Accessories include anamorphic lenses and motorized elements. Larger glass displays and modular video walls are a beautiful alternative to projection.



For large format viewing, nothing surpasses the experience offered by a cinema wide projector system. Formatted specifically for cinema, the increased field of view provided by these screens makes movies more immersive than you ever thought possible.

Crestron Remote Control


A seamless experience at your fingertips. Immersa puts you in complete control of everything you see, hear, and feel. From lighting and video to sound and comfort, you are in the driver's seat.

Cove Lighting


Lighting can make or break the look and feel of a room. Well-designed lighting keeps the screen image crystal clear, provides safe egress during the movie, and enhances the overall experience. Specialty lighting can add a whole new dimension to the room. We attend closely to beam spread, color quality, and control.


Studio Direct Movie Server

A studio direct movie server allows you to download the genuine movie file; just like the theater does! You’ll have the high-resolution audio and advanced formatting in your home. And you’ll own the movie directly.


There are hundreds of speaker types and combinations. Immersa designers are not limited to specific manufacturers, so they are free to choose the perfect match for your environment.


Low frequencies are some of the hardest audio aspects to manage. Today's Hollywood movies rely on great bass for performance. Statement spaces include multiple subwoofers, rumble subs, and transducers - all to enhance the experience. Immersa designers strategically plan the placement and calibration of each element.


Audio Video Processor

Surround sound with up to 32-channels, 4K HDR switching, and parametric equalization are just a few pieces that make up the Immersa experience.  Functional perfection that achieves reference standard performance is at the core of the audio video components.


Home Theater Seating

Seating is carefully selected for the utmost quality and comfort. Our designs and your journey begin with seating. On display in our showroom are a variety of theater chairs from multiple manufacturers for you to choose from.



The difference is in the details. Our designer explores every fabric, wood, and metal detail. Our studio has hundreds of samples for our clients to view. From different levels of leather for chairs to wood molding and brushed aluminum trims, clients can see and feel these details of the finished look before approval.


Acoustical Treatments

A home theater built into a Sheetrock room is an acoustical house of mirrors. It can be a jarring experience that fatigues the listener. Immersa solves this through finely tuned positioning and strategic acoustical room treatments. Our immersive sound experience combines these ekements to create the perfect acoustic balance.

Immersa Logo


Technology moves quickly and new features and updates become available regularly. Many software updates can be done remotely but from time-to-time a site visit may be required. All of our staff are trained professionals that have background checks and years of experience working in fine homes to keep your theater up to date.


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