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Brian McAuliff - Principal Designer


Let us design your private cinema right in your own home. Our design method reflects our 30 years of experience delivering the best performance and build quality in budget.  Check out our project gallery and call us to set up an in-home consultation or experience a custom home theater at our showroom.


Our team of expert engineers, technicians, designers and support personnel deliver performance turnkey spaces. Each theater is designed and built with the goal to create willing suspension of disbelief, making every Immersa Cinema an oasis.  Let these experiences of relaxation and entertainment become cherished memories.


Our clients report that they spend days in their new cinemas and often forget that they're still in their own home!

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Our Process

  • Studio Visit 

    Come visit our Technology Studio, complete with demo spaces and a full 11.3 statement Immersa cinema. This is by far the best way to understand the options and performance levels available. A general size and ceiling height of the space you're considering is helpful during this visit. We will be able to determine the number of seats and approximate screen size for your home cinema. We'll discuss performance desires and give you a preliminary budget.

  • Initial Design 

    Based upon the agreed budget and initial design fee, our team will visit your space, take detailed measurements, and discuss layout. We will then create a 3D rendering of your cinema or media room. A detailed budget will also be provided.

  • Detailed Design 

    With your approval of the rendering and detailed budget, construction drawings will be prepared with the necessary detail to get accurate pricing. A final detailed quotation and sample board showing finishes will be presented.

  • Construction Scheduled 

    Upon your approval and progress payment, all equipment is ordered and work is scheduled. If your contractor is doing part of the work, our project manager will coordinate with them. If you have selected turnkey service, our certified contractor - who has done our theater interior work for more than 20 years - is scheduled.

  • Electronics Assembled and Tested 

    While the construction portion of the work is being done in your space, our engineering and programming departments will be working on your system. The equipment will be assembled and tested in our lab to ensure it meets our performance standards and is ready for installation.

  • Commissioning 

    When the room is free of dust and finishes are complete, the equipment is installed and the space is calibrated using a spectrum analyzer. You will receive client instruction on the use and care of your system.

  • Viewing Party 

    Invite friends and family and have a viewing party to show off your new space! Be prepared to have excuses ready so you don’t have movie guests every night.

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