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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

A well-deigned home theater is a time machine and a teleporter. Without leaving home you can travel to places real or imagined. You can visit the past or distant future. Watching on a big TV or in a basic home theater from a standard seller might be fine for your average movie night. But with these limited elements, you’ll remain rooted in your couch. If you want a true escape into the storytelling, imagery, score, and special effects intended by the director - you’re going to have to upgrade your transportation device. Transport yourself into the story through technology. Let engineering expertise create a system designed to help your senses leave the couch, while your body stays comfortable. Let’s explore how…


Part of what helps you trick your brain into entering a movie is the authenticity of the environmental sounds. If a door slams, or heels click across a tile floor, or fingers are typing away on a keyboard, your brain knows immediately what those sounds are both in reality and in a movie. This is because of highly produced and engineered Foley sounds which are created in a studio, not always recorded on set. These sounds are so precise that your brain does not notice they are engineered. It is from this that we draw our theater design inspiration.

We design each theater to ensure that the film’s score, dialogue, and any foley sounds of course, come in loud, clear, and completely accurate. Room dimensions and shapes can distort sound - which would give your brain enough of a hint to break you out of your movie night oasis. In these cases, simple acoustic panels are not enough and may even worsen the problem by deadening the sound. While some panels are great for mid and high level frequencies, they have to be a precise density, and be covered and mounted properly. We go beyond simple panels to ensure everything from vocal ranges to the lowest bass is reaching your auditory senses in the way it was intended.

The sound aspects of home theater design draw attention to each point in the frequency range a movie will include - from the fast and detailed dialogue of Aaron Sorkin to the explosive, nonstop action of Michael Bay. This graphic equalizer helps us visualize these frequencies. This device shows us that 500Hz is right in the middle of the adjustable frequencies, this is where those ornate one-inch sound panels have already given up and lost absorption. For the lower frequencies, architectural elements are strategically used as mass barriers - all the beauty you want but solid and strong enough to breakup the lower, longer wavelengths so they are not reflected (out of phase).

Even the best speakers in the world can’t fix the acoustic issues a room can cause. Technical solutions are our focus, and we love talking about sound for two reasons. One, because we see all too often how most systems fall short and clients are stuck settling for substandard sound. Two, because we know the magic that can happen when the room and tech are engineered for the highest quality sound.


We’ve explored what is occupying your ears, but for most people the screen is the centerpiece and the star of the show. The latest TVs and projectors have incredible high-resolution picture quality. However, the brain is sharp and can detect color, contrast, and motion issues that break us out of our immersion in the visual storytelling. Even if these are able to pass under the brain’s radar, any shine or reflection off of glossy surfaces in the room or light shining in from adjacent spaces gives the eyes distractions and keeps them from diving into the movie completely.

Our experts have keen eyes and brains for these details. They can easily examine and adjust your picture to ensure issues such as pixilation and shuttering are prevented and that colors are perfectly balanced and true to life. Our designers pay attention to where all light travels in the environment and on the screen. Our production team has experience in front of the screen as well as behind the camera. Their experience producing professional video makes them uniquely qualified to fine tune any TV or projector.


Designing, engineering, and building home theaters is our passion as well as our craft. Over a decade ago, this aspect at Bri-Tech became its own entity within our work: Immersa Cinema. Immersa Cinema offers something new to the market: commitment to excellence as well as numbers to optimize everything within budget. Over the years, we’ve built hundreds of theaters, and we’re proud to hear from clients that they use their theaters nearly every night and get the full value of their theater investment on resale.

Whether we’re building a theater from scratch, or upgrading an existing theater from another provider which didn’t quite hit the mark, we’re proud to build some of our client’s favorite spaces to escape to.

Like the rolling credits of hundreds of names after a movie, a lot more goes into a home theater than it looks like from a photo! But if we do our job perfectly, you’d never question it, because you’d be too busy off in a galaxy far, far away or immersed in another Hollywood creation.

Come see what we’re talking about. Our team is available to consult with before you plan your theater, and you can even visit our showroom to have an Immersa Experience in our theater and media rooms. If you’ve read all of this and realized your home theater isn’t meeting these standards, you deserve better, give us a call for an upgrade.

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