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There's No Place Like Home

Going to the movies is a favorite pastime for many people. At the moment, this weeknight, date night, or weekend treat at the big cineplex is not an option for anyone. Even in the future when going to the movies is possible, it will still be second to the ease and accessibility of home viewing. The movie theater didn’t give us just the blockbusters we were looking for, they gave us an engineered theater experience. The big screen and loudspeakers were just the beginning of the technology behind the movie production and playback, such as the translation of huge digital files into brilliant colors with many tracks of audio. All of this technology, engineering, and experience can be created in a home theater. It can function with advanced technology hidden behind beautiful and seamless design. This is what we do, but where we thrive is giving you the immersive experience that makes you forget you’re in a theater, and forget you’re at home. This is our level and our aim at Immersa. We’ve been on this level for over 20 years, come join us.

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