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Next Generation Theater

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

This stunning home theater is currently in development with our best next gen features!

Multiple elements come together to create a theater that epitomizes next generation. The clean lines of horizontal color-changing lighting enhance this sometimes overused lighting feature. The ceiling panels shown in these renderings will be stretched fabric ceilings and wall elements. These will serve the dual purpose of concealing advanced acoustics and managing reflections; standard panels don’t do much for lower frequencies. Our design elements can handle a wider range of sound to make the most immersive surround sound experience. In this next generation theater, every seat is the best seat in the house!

This home theater seating has room for everyone with three spacious rows. Move silently in and out of the theater through our automatic Quiet Pocket Door. This door’s linear motor ensures the movie’s soundscape is not interrupted! This theater is already at the basement level, however, the floor has been lowered even further. The drama of this design element transports the viewer from the world outside to the cinematic world they are about to enter.

This is next generation by Immersa.

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