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Budgeting Your Home Theater

Home theater projects can be completed for as little as $30k media rooms, to nearly $1-million-dollar screening rooms. This page should assist you in deciding what you want out of your room and an estimate of the budget for it.



There are three main sections when deciding what you want out of an immersive space. All of which have a wide range of budgeting options.

Electronic and Performing Systems

Acoustics and Lighting

Ascetics and Comfort.

Electronic and Performing Systems

This determines the electronics associated with your viewing and controlling of media. Projectors: 3k to 5k

Control system: 1500 to 5k

Surround sound systems: 4k to 150k

Acoustics and Lighting

Acoustic treatment: 3k to 100k

Lighting: 1k to 15k

Ascetics and Comfort

Seating: 2500 to 20k

Interior finishes: 5k to 100k


Determining where you spend your budget is decided by which of these three sections appeals to you the most. For example, if the most important element to your theater is the performance, you would spend more of your budget on higher-end speakers, a better projector and a superior control system.

All three have their benefits, acoustics can shut out outside noise and keep the theater noise in. Basic lighting can cost as low as 1000$ while a more expensive custom light finish can create color changes in an inexpensive interior finish. A better interior finish can create an awe-inspiring experience to anyone entering the room while a budget put more into seating can make viewing a movie like sitting on a cloud.

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