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Audio & Video Calibration


When it comes to your home theater you want it to perform at the highest possible level. The space should be as immersive as a movie theater would be. Our goal is to bring this level of experience into the home. That is what makes home theater calibration so important. When an immersa cinema is constructed our expertly trained technicians finely tune the audio and video experience to each custom-designed space. But as time passes you might find slight changes in the viewing experience. Some errors that may arise are:

  • Reduced audio clarity

  • Imbalanced bass levels

  • Reduced surround sound effectiveness

  • Audio & video desync

  • Changes in brightness or saturation

  • Loss of detail near black

  • Low-resolution quality

  • Image banding

  • Pixelated images

Sometimes customers might not realize some of these issues, so prior to large gatherings they will schedule a technician to make sure everything is functioning as it should. When these issues arise give call us to schedule one of our technicians to come and restore your home cinema to peak performance.

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