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Our Top 5 immersa Home Theaters

When designing an immersa home theater system, we account for a myriad of factors to create a mesmerizing experience that immerses you in whatever you’re watching. What surround sound system will engross you into the screen, which home theater seating provides the right look and feel, and how to use lighting and acoustical treatments to construct the most captivating space a home can provide? To illustrate this, here are our top 5 favorite cinema rooms where all of these elements meld together to make a unique space that pulls viewers out of the home and into the screen.


This home cinema has a view that looks so unbelievable one might think it’s fake. As a matter of fact, when a new member joins the immersa team they question the photo too. This theater was installed on the 86th floor of a Manhattan Tower just a few blocks away from the United Nations building. Don’t worry about the enticing view pulling viewers out of the movie; the room’s double-layer automated shades are installed to block any visual disturbances from outside. Additionally, this theater was installed with the same acoustic paneling used to keep airplanes quiet. Oftentimes when people imagine a home theater they think it has to be built in a basement. But with the proper framework and tuning any room can be converted into a perfect cinema space.


It might be hard to believe but this Islip home theater is our fastest build ever. This Islip home theater came together in just 30 days. Don’t think that installing a home cinema will leave you with an unusable space for months on end. Not only was it speedy but it also resulted in one of the ultimate family-viewing experiences. The home theater seating contains both reclining seats and fun bean bag-style sofa chairs to create a space for everyone to enjoy for years to come. Whether you’re spending time with friends and family or you need to occupy your kids for some R&R time, this home theater strikes the perfect balance.


This Westbury home theater is the pinnacle of luxury. It’s a space that eliminates the need for movie theaters. This theater is equipped with top-of-the-line Bowers and Wilkins speakers, amplification racks, tactile transducer, all tuned to acoustic perfection. To add to the atmosphere custom lighting fixtures are mounted along the walls along with a star field ceiling. The room has three rows of stadium-style seating all of which has massage chair functionality. It’s the perfect environment to invite friends and family over to host your own screening party.


What makes us so proud of this Hamptons home theater is the beautifully designed acoustic paneling. Paneling is a common acoustical treatment. Because of this other home theater companies may mount generic panels that don’t blend with the rest of the room, but not us. We take it as an opportunity to make your home cinema distinctive. In this case, the wall-mounted, boxes and unique wallpaper work together to create depth in the room. The additional lighting above and below the panel meld together to make the panels feel like portraits displayed in an art museum.


Not every home theater calls for rows and rows of seating, but if you have additional unused space what is the best way to use it? For this Northport home theater the customer chose to add a small room with a snack bar leading into the theater. It’s a creative and unique way to elevate your home movie viewing experience. But, maybe you aren’t a big snacker, don’t let that stop you from customizing your space. For those movie buffs out there with a collection of films, why not create your own display room with posters and memorabilia of your favorite films?

When designing your home theater the sky's the limit. Our team of expert designers will bring your ideas to life. Designing a home theater that is perfectly engineered and finely tuned is our driving force. For more than a decade immersa has been committed to providing excellence beyond our competition. We calculate what equipment will perform best in your theater and calibrate it for optimal performance. Even after the initial installation if there are slight variations in performance, a check-up with our technicians will guarantee all aspects of your theater are running correctly.

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