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A Technology Wake-Up Call: My Spoiler Free Review of "Leave the World Behind”

Let's dive into "Leave the World Behind", a Netflix film that's more than just a story – it's a critical examination of our readiness for technological upheavals. As a technology designer/advisor for over 40 years, I see this not just as a narrative but as a crucial lesson in advanced home preparedness.

Set against the backdrop of Long Island’s East End, the film highlights the undeniable need for comprehensive home technology solutions. I’m talking about energy storage, robust security systems, dependable communication tools, and yes, even panic rooms and or bunkers, which I have noticed the growing trend of these installations over the last few years in the homes and estates we service. These elements are vital for protecting not only your family but also invaluable assets like art, collectibles, and family heirlooms.

Amidst these crucial themes, the film poignantly addresses our reliance on technology for entertainment. One scene, where a character is unable to watch the final episode of "Friends," echoes the frustrations my clients would avoid by owning a Kaleidescape movie server. This invaluable technology ensures uninterrupted access to your personal library of movies and TV shows, even when conventional streaming services fail.

As a musician, the record playing scene in the film resonated deeply with me. It reminded me of another growing trend among the younger generation who are embracing the timeless appeal of vinyl records. Yet, in our digital age, there's also a significant shift towards storing music on private servers.

I enjoyed watching the film and recommend it. It realistically captures the immediate stress and disorientation caused by the loss of our tech-dependencies in just a weekend. While the idea of lighting a candle and delving into a novel may seem quaint during a blackout, we should all consider the profound dependence our essential services rely on technology, especially healthcare.

In our increasingly fragile digital world, what does being prepared really mean to you?

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Brian McAuliff

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